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The adventure continues...

The were-snake and his cohorts lead you down a narrow staircase that presumably leads to the dungeon they spoke of; the sides of the passageway are lit by evenly-spaced but dim torches, in true Gothic style. You think off-handedly that the witch could have done well by making the castle into a tourist trap. Jessie walks by your side, paw-in-hand; you hadn't realized how much you missed her. As you get closer to the entrance of the dungeon, a draft from below comes gusting up at you; the nearest torch sputters and goes out. Sounds of panic come from the darkness; you fumble in your pocket for your trusty Mag-Light, when something tackles you from behind and bites into your shoulder. _Hard_. You go down with a yelp, and your attacker is dislodged in the fall. You slide down a few steps, but manage to find the light and twist it on. All of the were-creatures look relieved, except Jessie; she stares in horror at the torn fabric and bite-marks on your shoulder.

"You?" you ask her. She nods sheepishly. "It was dark--I thought we were being attacked..." She trails off, and raises a paw to your face; one of her claws tickles something; you reach up, and find a patch of down sprouting from your jawline.

"No time to lose," you say with as much bravado as you can muster under the circumstances, and lead the way down into the dungeon itself. You are greeted by another draft of air, eminating, as your discover, from an air-shaft leading from the chamber to somewhere above you. The werecreatures fan out and begin looking for the book of spells; you can feel your body re-shaping itself as you search, which makes you ever more frantic. Before long, two pointed ears rest atop your head, and your nose and mouth have pushed out into a furry, shapely muzzle. You are distracted from your quest when a faint scent catches your new sense of smell: people! You look over, and see that Jessie has scented them too. Leaving the others to hunt for the volume, the two of you begin following the trail of odor. After a while, your feet begin to hurt abominably; you remove your shoes, and find two coal-black paws where your feet used to be. No wonder you were so uncomfortable!

The scent trail takes you and Jessie further back into the labyrinth of the dungeon. After many twists and turns, you give a yelp, and reach to scratch your back; frantically, you tug off your jacket and shirt, and find that a red pelt has sprouted all over your body, with white patches in some places. By the time you locate the other people three bushy tails have forced you to abandon the rest clothes you were wearing. The captives--humans, as it turns out--are surprised when two full-sized kitsune walk up to where they are being held.

Written by Foxkith

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