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Well _that_ didn't work

When the smoke clears, you see with dismay that nothing of any consequence has occured--Jessie is still a kitsune, and none of the others have returned to their human forms. "Why didn't it work?" she asks, fox-face falling in disappointment. You shrug, and toss the book back in the pile of the witch's things. "Maybe it was a decoy--we'll have to look for the book somewhere else in the castle." You turn to Jessie and the others. "Do any of you know where she might have it hidden?"

The creatures consult among themselves for a moment; finally one of them, a were-snake, pipes up: "There's a dungeon a few floors down that she used as a work room."

You roll your eyes. A dungeon. Perfect. But Jessie looks at you imploringly; you sigh again, and follow the band of creatures down to the dungeon.

Written by Foxkith

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