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Diggs x Catherine-Love has No Boundaries Part 1

It was a cool summer evening that Friday and Diggs’ team was hard at work. Not that long ago they received news that Mr. Tinkles had escaped Alcatraz and was up to no good. The first thing they did was go to Alcatraz to find out how he escaped in the first place. They found there was a prison riot led by Mr. Tinkles with help from Kitty Galore. All the prisoners had escaped to the shore and were nowhere to be found. “You’d think a prison on an island surrounded by water would stop escapes.” Catherine said. “Well you don’t know him like I do, he’s shifty that guy is,” Butch said.“You’d think they’d have better security for a bunch of insane cats,” Diggs said. “Not thinking all cats are insane are ya” Catherine said giving a strong stare at Diggs.“No of course not,” Diggs stutters as he slowly moves away from her.“I suggest we just hang out and call it a day,’ Seamus said.“Seamus has a point we’re getting nowhere here, lets meet back here Monday,” Butch said. “Great, I’ll be at my place, I have some renovations to do,” Seamus says starring at Butch. “And I’ll be with Ivy tootles,” Butch says as he runs off.“Who’s Ivy,” Catherine asked? “Butch’s wife, they got together after Butch’s first battle with Tinkles,’ Diggs told her. “Oh how cute, who knew he had such a soft side,” Catherine said.“Certainly not me, good day,” Seamus says flying off. “Well what are you going to do,” Diggs asked? “I don’t know, my humans will be out all weekend,” Catherine told him. “Mine too,” Diggs replied. “How about you come over to my place, I could use some company,” Catherine suggested. “Sure I’d love too,” Diggs said, and they started to walk toward Catherine’s place. Chinatown was sure a busy place full of traffic and shoppers you could hardly move. Diggs was so mesmerized by all the lights and colours that he hardly paid attention to where he was going. Catherine then turned around to make sure he was keeping up a good pace when she saw a cart racing towards him. “Diggs look out,” Catherine shouted as she quickly pushed him away from the approaching cart. When Diggs came to his senses he found himself against the wall with Catherine holding his hand and licking his ear. “Diggs are you ok” Catherine asked? “Yeah I’m fine, you saved my life,” Diggs replied “Lets get to my place before anything else happens,” Catherine said, so they began to walk off for her place. Along the way Diggs began to feel weird, he could still feel Catherine’s licking on his ear and his hand was a little numb.

Written by Cody Jaigobin

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