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My hiding Place Part 2

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn. Hitler said had first become an Anti-Semite when he moved to Vienna in 1905. Vienna had a large Jewish community including Orthodox Jews from Russia. Many say he was influenced by people like Lanz von Liebenfels, Richard Wagner, Georg schönerer and Karl Lueger mayor of Vienna.He blamed the Jews for the loss of WW1 who he said didn’t defend their country.Yet about 100,000 Jews fought in the German army during WW1. A few years after WW1 he went as a spy to infiltrate the German workers party. There he was impressed by the anti-semitic ideas of Anton Drexler the founder. Anton was also just as impressed of Hitler’s oratory skills and invited him to join. So in September 1919 Hitler joined the German Workers Party. On July 29, 1921 Hitler became Führer of the party, now the National Socialist German Workers' Party. For the next 2 years they copied Italy’s Facists in appearance and adopted some of their policies. On November 8, 1923 Hitler tried to gain power in the Beer Hall Putsch and unfortunatlely failed. His trail began on febuary 26, 1924 and by April 1, 1924 he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Lucky for him he was released on December 20, 1924 just in time to enjoy Christmas. By 1925 he continued in the party and helped it gain power and seats in the Reichstag during elections. In May 1928 the Nazi Party gained 12 seats and 2.6 % of the votes with 810,100 voters. Soon the events that followed would help him get higher and higher in power in the Reichstag. In October 1929 the Great depression began with the crash of the stock exchange in New York. By the following year the German people began to suffer under the Great depression and more. For the next few years thousands lost their jobs and were on the streets trying to make a living. Even for Joe Gobin and his family they were having economic problems and were lucky to stll have their jobs. For Hitler it was the perfect opportunity to get the attention the the many unemployed people. Hitler spoke out to the unemployed gaining their support and a great advance in power in the Reichstag. Less than a year after the Great Depression started they got 18.3% and 107 seats by September 1930.

Nazi Party Election Results Date Votes Percentage Seats in Reichstag Background May 1924 1,918,300 6.5 32 Hitler in prison December 1924 907,300 3.0 14 Hitler is released from prison May 1928 810,100 2.6 12 September 1930 6,409,600 18.3 107 After the financial crisis July 1932 13,745,800 37.4 230 After Hitler was candidate for presidency November 1932 11,737,000 33.1 196 March 1933 17,277,000 43.9 288 During Hitler's term as Chancellor of Germany Things got worse for the Jews throughout Germany, and the Gobin family was no more different. Especially since Joe’s own father Judah was a Canadian Veteran of the first World War. Many of Marta’s friends dispised her for being a pure German married to a Jew and they defriended her. Another thing to worry was the SA who between 1930 and 1933 attacked people including Jews. So they went out in pairs and were worried whenever an SA member would pass them by with a snear. By 1932 Marta was pregnant again with a second son but was worried about his future and theirs. “Joe I’m getting worried what will become of us and our baby,”Marta said very upset and crying. “Don’t worry, you must be calm, all of us and the baby will be okay.”Joe said assuring Marta.On September 1, 1932 after Hitler was made a canditate for presidency Marta gave birth to a son. “He’s got your eyes,” Joe said to Marta as she held him in her arms. “And your looks, lets call him Patrick, Patrick Jay Gobin,”Marta replied. “Yes lets do that,”Joe said. “ You think things will get better,”Marta asked while putting Patrick to bed? “I am sure things will get better dear,”Joe replied.But things would not get better, at least not for them anyway. On January 30,1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany, second only to president Hindenburg. On March 23,1933 Hitler passed out the Enabling Act which could take away certain privilenges.At the same time the Frank Family bank closed so Joe and his dad Judah lost their job. So on the 24th Joe opened up a department store so they could keep a standard living. Barely a week later Hitler had everyone boycott all Jewish owned stores in Germany. Joe and Marta looked outside as a Nazi officer stood in front of the store with a sign saying, “Don’t Buy Here”. “Why are the Nazis doing this father,”Cody asked his dad? “Because we are Jews, that’s why son,”Joe replied sadly. Soon things were going to get worse,for Judah that is. On April 7,1933 Judah stormed into Joe’s house mad as a hornet. “Dad,what is wrong with you,what happened,”Joe asked Judah? “The darn Nazis kicked me out as a professor at Frankfurt University,Judah replied”! “Why would they that to you,”Marta asked? “Because the new law says Jews can’t be professors,”Judah replied. “How about you work with me until you can get a new job,”Joe suggested? “Sounds great,thanks son,at least that solves my job problem,”Judah replied.But losing his job would be the least of their troubles. A month later they were visited by 4 SS troops at Joe’s store. “What do you want sirs,”Joe asked grimly at them. “All Jewish books are to be collected and burned,” replied one of the SS. “ You can’t just do this..this is an outrage,”Judah said angrily! “So what,their only Jewish books and you are a dirty little Jew,”the second SS told him. “Now you see here mister I..”Judah started! “That’s enough dad,just go about your business sirs,”Joe said “Thank you,”the third SS said snearing as the four of them went to work.For the next ten minutes them threw down all the books looking for ones by Jews.Once they collected them all they left with all the other books still laying on the ground. “What are we going to do,”Judah said as he began to cry. “Just live with it and hope things will get better,”Joe assured him.Unfortunately for them things were just going to get worse. For the next five weeks things just stayed the same for all of them.Then on June 16,1933 things got worse for Judah and his wife Ruth.Around noon that day Joe got a phone call from his dad. “Joe I need your help with something,”Judah said worryingly. “Sure,what’s the matter dad.”Joe asked ? “Those four SS kicked us out and we have until 6:00 to move out,”Judah told him. “You can move into our place,we can make room,”Joe said. Thank you so much, so can you come and help move everything over,”Judah asked? “You got it,I’ll come over in just a minute,”Joe replied as he put down the phone and went to the car. About an hour later Joe returned with his parents and all of their belongings to bring into Joe’s place. “Mom,what is going on,”Cody asked his mom? “Grandma and grandpa will be living with us now,”Marta replied. “I can’t believe this is happening to us,”Judah said as he put a box down in his new room. “I know, but we will have to live with it and just keep hoping,”Joe assured him. “If things get any worse we may have to leave Germany,”Judah told Joe.That moment would be coming sooner than they could imagine.

Written by Cody Jaigobin

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