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don't do it!

The hyena groans, as he rolls over rubbing his oversized tummy. "Wait! Don't do this to me!"  You exclaim. "You don't have a chocie." The leader rat replies. a muzzle is brought down upon you. the rats tickle your feet causing you to laugh. you'r stomach shakes as you move your body. The muzzle comes down on you. you feel the rats put large of pasteries, such as cakes put into your mouth. They taste sweet. You are forced to swallow. More pasteries are put down your thorat. despite feeling really full, you are still feed. you watch as your stomach becomesbigger and bigger. You become so heavy that the wood breaks. You also plop down on your stomach, which has become a cushion. You stillhave the muzzle on though. "Darn it" the rats say.

Written by wolfie

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