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The laughing stocks

You try to struggle against the restraints, but it's no use and it becomes apparent that you are quite trapped. Looking over to your left, you watch the rats tickle the hyena. The fellow begins to laugh hysterically, exposing his gaping maw. The rats then began stuffing strange pastries into his open mouth. After cramming his cheeks full they clamped his mouth shut, forced a strange harness over his mouth, and backed away from him. The dark room was silent for a moment, until frantic, muffled whimpers came from the victim as his cheeks began to bulge out from behind the muzzle and a strange rhythmic pumping sound was heard from the hyena's bulging middle. As you gazed in horror, your fellow prisoner's belly was ballooning in and out, growing out by about a foot each time. Pretty soon, his rounding belly was so big, it began to lift him off the ground. once his swollen tum was big enough, they released his stocks and let him down. As he rolled onto his massive tan belly, he tried to remove his strange muzzle, the rat leader spoke up. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, that muzzle is the only thing keeping those unstable magical energies inside that lovely blimp of yours in check. If you take that off, it could have very... unpredictable results." The bloated hyena then stopped struggling and just lay atop his belly, whimpering softly. "Now then, let us deal with our other guest." The rats turn to you, grabbing many treats and walking slowly over to you. Now what...

Written by Bloatwolf

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