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"If it is all the same to you I think I'll call you Medusa." You say...You honestly wanted to pick a name that would be fitting for a serpent and you doubted Floofer or Miss Muffykins would be appropriate.

"The name is just fine." Medusa says "Now we must make our first stop...We must get the crystal ball from the attic but we can not get into the attic until we talk to the Hydra.

"How many animals live in this place anyway?" You ask

"Quite a few." Medusa says "Though none of them by choice. The Woman you met, She likes to go into the forest at night and shrink animals and bring them home."

You walk into what appears to be a kitchen You see Stegosaurus the size of kitten walk in drink a bowlful of water on the floor and turn into a handsome young man!

You are asounded by this...The Young Man turns and looks at you and says "Hey! I haven't seen you before! Are you the Tyrannosaurus that Madame Hazeltine said she was going to turn into a Man?"

"Say that you are..." Medusa whispers

Written by Twiga

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