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Got Milk?

"Well if the choosing the Milk will make you happy..." You say

You take the bottle of milk and chug it down...You feel something tingly inside you...You begin to grow to your normal size.

You jump off the nightstand as you reach full height...The Little Brown Serpent however is still tiny and looks up to you with a beaming face...The cheese and bread also remain tiny.

"Thanks!" You say "Tell me...Will the cheese or bread do something else?"

"I'm afraid I can not tell you and you may not try anything else than what you have selected." The Serpent flicks her tougue and the two remaining things vanish."

"What do I do now?" You ask

The Little Brown Serpent hops into you pocket "I'll guide you through the house now that you are normal size."

You decide to just go with it seeing how the Reptile has been useful to you thus far.

"Is there something I can call you?" You ask "Or do you just go by Little Brown Serpent?"

"Animals have no names unless a human bequeaths them with one." The Serpent says "Do you wish to give me a name?"

Written by Twiga

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