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A Little Brown Serpent

You are about to eat the cookies When you see something small and brown slither out from under a cookie

"AH!" You screech "A Snake!"

"I'm not a snake." The Reptile says "I'm a serpent."

"What's the difference?" You ask

"Look I could go on and on about the seperation between snakes and serpents but right now I got to help you."

"Why help me?" You ask

"Because you are my ticket out of here!" The Serpent says

The Serpent gives her tougue a little flick and three things appear a bottle of milk, a dish of cheese and a piece of bread.

"Choose from any of these three things." The Serpent says "They each do differnt things but no matter which one you choose you will be plesently surprised."

"What do they do?" You ask

"I am forbiddan to say." The serpent says "I will say if you choose the milk I will be most gratful."

Written by Twiga

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