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after everyone goes to bed u decide to look and see if your a boy still 2 ur amazment u are now a girl a male wizerd walks in asks if u would join him in his journey to save the planet you say yes anything is better han this play u try 2 escape but the witchs see u they hit u with a speel that transformed u into a dragon baby so you now live with the witchs in the bed with them but u start to feel a nice sensation 4 some reason u layed a egg?? the witch u were sleeping with says neet you both fall asleep that morning he egg gets turned into an omlet and they send u home with the ability to talk 2 humans your om screems when she sees u u explane "2 hours later" your mom understands it then u start to shrink more into a dragon egg. your mom screems she takes care of u for 1 month and u hatchyou look diffrent and remember nothiing of what u have no memories of the past u are now a new born dragon and ur mom raises you...again after 500 years u find a boy dragon you 2 have sex and a baby u 2 now raise itnow that the world is ruled by dragons and u ate your mother 450 years ago now people are used as FOOD

Written by berryy2

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