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Bernkastels Fury

A blue haired girl wearing a black dress materialize in front of you. "I am displeased with your behavior, Terren." She looks right at you. but... your name isn't Terren? "Um, my name isn't Terren!" She laughes wickedly. "Oh, of course, you wouldn't remember. I guess ill remind you..." The girl came closer. "Ill start from the beginning. My name is Fredrica Bernkastel. I am the witch of miracles. You, Terren, are my experiment." She tries to reach out to touch your face, but you pull back. "Go away!" you shout at her. "Im not your experiment!" Fredrica laughs at you. "Oh ho? Then tell me, why would you suddenly transform into a dragon! I used you to help in a bet! You are now my personal slave!" Fredrica held her hand up and a blue light shot towards you. You fall unconcious. suddenly you awake in a white room, on the floor with Fredrica, and a different girl, (who you assume is also a witch). "See Lambda! I told you I could capture a dragon-human hybrid before you!" Fredrica shouted at the other witch. "Well, whatever." said Lambda. "As long as he still gets to make me tea..." Lambda made an innocent face at you. The witches cackle loudly at you. Suddenly you realize you are going to be here for a long, long time.

Written by Rika Furude

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