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She really likes the taste of kangaroos

After a bunch of hopping through the hallways of the castle, you run right into her again. She makes a weird gesture and stops you and the kangaroo in your tracks. Then she morphs slowly into a huge beast as you watch in horror, not able to move. Then when her transformation is complete, she rips you from the pouch of the kangaroo and tosses you into her gigantic mouth. You land right on her adhesive tounge. She spoils your last escape by wrapping her tounge around your small 'roo body, moaning as she enjoys every taste of your body. Then your body slowly slides further down her mouth. Right before you faint due to fear, you feel your little roo body being sucked down her gullet. She then devours the other roo right after she finishes swallowing you. She bounds into the darkness of the castle and waits for another reporter to have for another meal.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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