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you wake up in her dark damp girth

As you lay in her dark damp girth you realize you have returned to your original form. you try to stand but it is no use. thick slimy tentacles cover your body you try to open your eyes and after what seems an eternity you finally open them you see one of those thick dripping red tentacles move slowly tword your face and creeps down your throught. you try to scream but its no use you try to bite it but it only shatters your teeth and jaw. and you seep into a slow painfull eternal darkness that is your fate.and suddenly you see her again grinning her belly protruding and clothes torn and ratty. and for a brief moment you have a brief flicker of hope but soon realize you cant move or speak and will be hovering invisibly around the captour of your soal. tormented by the pain of your loss and of others as she slowly sweeps across the globe devouring all of existence of life and then witness the creation of another viewing the eternal cycle of pain and suffering.dreaming that one day you shall see her fall. but alas that is yet another story waiting to be told or is it yet to be written?

Written by an anonymous author

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