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friendly dragon.

-Okay you say. I will help you, but where should i go after i have helped you? The fairy thinks for 5 seconds. -That's up to you, you are a dragon. You can do whatever you want. She pauses. -But.........i want freedom, i want to be free but everyone is against me and is trying to kill me! -Well, you could travel over the woods, not many people live there, or you could find a valey. You stand there and thinks for a second. -I have always wanted to be on a valey. -Good choice. She smiles. But first, you have to find my friends. you look around as everythingis all quiet. -we have to go now, you say. You and the fairy escapes from the place. It happens that you are in a castle. -Wait, have you seen any of your friends before? -Yes, one of them got trapped in the castle. -Then why did we run outside?

Written by Jimmie Kleman

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