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dragon adventure

You awaken in what apears to be a small cage. "What happened?", you wonder. You breathe fire at the cage bars with hope of breaking free. The fire creates a little smoke and vanishes. "Fire proof," you mutter to yourself. Suddenly, you hear a small sound, Then a rattle coming from the edge of the cage. You jump to the side and cover your eyes not knowing what to expect. "Don't worry, I'm here to help." You peer down and see a small creature. It was five inches high, wings, and a human body wearing a tattered dress. You conclude that it's a fairy. "She put you in this cage and you've been asleep for a while," she continues. "I've been watching from that air vent." She points to a small air pipe at the corner of the room. "Who's she?" you ask. "Stephanie, she's the princess that rules over this land," she answers, "All the fairies have become her slaves," she pauses,"All except me." "Can you free me?" You ask. "Of coarse, but there is one favor I must ask of you," she replies. "What's that?" you ask. "Save my friends and family." You think it over carefully, then nod. "very well,"She pulls out a small key. It sparkles magically in the light. "It's a magic key, it will open anything." She unlocks the cage door and you step out. "Now then, you did promise to help me free my friends right?" she reminds you... Will you help her?

Written by Stephanie. W

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