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As far as your figure, if you EVER want to to fit inot a size 35 suit again, you've got to go along with this, though you have no idea how your going to force Morganna to seriously try and lift her curse on you. You guess you'll cross that bridge when you come to it. Right now you'll have to focus on getting the other half of the help you need, so it looks like you'll be going back in.

Kalibyn rumages through his hord, until he finds what he is looking for. He pulls out a necklace with old iron nails woven onto it. "This should give you the advantage, it's won't protect you from anything physical, but any Fae magic Morganna throws at you should fizzle." You growl discontentedly, why hadn't he goven you this in the first place. You reason, though that being about an inch tall would have caused problems at that time. You take the necklace and slip it over your head, manuvering it around your horns, until it lays nestled in your mane. Let's see Morganna try zapping you with lightning this time.

Written by Dream Weaver

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