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...but you have to get there first.

You look out towards the castle from the cave, when you first arrived here you had just thought is was a bunch of superstition and folklore. Now you find yourself locked in conflict with the very finds you scoffed at. Figures. Well, it's about time to see if you’re the one man army everyone apparently thinks you are. Looking back at Kalibyrn and Artie one last time, receiving looks the wish you luck in your endeavor, then you jump off the edge of the cliff, landing with the crack of stone that breaks beneath from the impact. You make your way back towards the castle. Your senses pick up things in the woods, and recognize creatures from the court hunting for something, imps and lesser fae scouring the underbrush. Most likely for you, Morganna obviously wants you back.

Your body, however, is quick and reactive, treading lightly despite your size and weight, and moving quickly enough to escape the sight of the Fae. The lower class of fae are unable to find you. However, you soon find that there are others more persistent. The smell tips you off, and you leap into a tree, digging your claws in and climbing higher for a better look. Creatures move trough the bushes and tall grasses, and from this height, you can make out the goblins. A hunting party is closing on your position, your eyes pick out nets and darts in the dark gloom. No doubt some type of poison of tranquilizer. You have no desire to see if your poison proof. You wonder how well this body can jump...

You position yourself, then push off and upwards as hard as you can. You hear the bark and trunk of the tree crack loudly under your feet as you launch yourself away. You pass upwards through the trees, passing for a few moments above the tree line like a bird in flight before gravity pulls you back down. At first you’re afraid of the impact, but you superior vision is able to pick out the thicker branches as you enter the canopy, and you are able to reach out and take hold, catching yourself and singing into a landing position. There is a dull thud as you hit dirt, quickly smelling the air for more goblins. The sound of the falling tree and splintering wood echoes through the forest, sending flock of sleeping bird alight. Hopefully that will draw the bulk of the attention.

Written by Dream Weaver

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