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Clothes make the man... er, beast.

As you pass down the hallway, you notice that the architecture is changing, what otherworldly and beautiful has become more mundane brickwork, whatever magic they used to create those halls must not have been spared for this area. The Goblin metioned an arena, so you have the feeling you're going to be fighting. First things first then, you need to put your camera somewhere safe. You look at the bricks, finding one that looks significantly old and loose, and pull on it, the anciant plaster giving away like butter. Then, as carefully as you can, and without trying to actually grip the camera, you push it in, placing the brick back and pushing it in enough so that it looks inconspicious among the brickwork. It should be safe there, at least from your clumsy grip and random blows. You just need to remember the brick you hid it behind.

You continue down the stairs, your ears picking up the sound f metal on metal, shouts, and machinery. As you pass under an arch, you see wide area that seems to be a dungeon converted into a training facility. Mostly Trolls and Orgres make up the bulk of the fighting force, engaged in mortal combat against one another. You see them dressed in leather armor, though you doubt it would do much good at the intensity of the blows you see here. You see piles of armor and padding quartered off on one side of the room. You move over to it, and start looking through. A lot of the stuff is too small or awquard compared to your body shape. Still, you feel you need something, as since you have transformed, you've been walking around naked, and though your beastial body has no issue, your human mind rebels against it. Finally, you fish out some over padded pants, and with some minor alterations, namely tearing the padding out and making a whole for your tail, the protective wear fits you without risk of tearing due to strain against your movements. Better then nothing, you think to yourself, linking the largest belt to hold the garment in place.

Written by Dream Weaver

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