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Breaks over.

With your hunger satiated, and your metal facilities calmed, you review what had happened, retracing your foot steps metally. The spark is bein help in Morgana's chambers. Having been effected by her enchantments once, you don't know if they would work a second time. The equiptment you have left is... You suddenly realize something important. When you transformed all you picked up was your camera, you had left the sword and bag of glamour behind. You want to kick yourself, but remain in character. You can't remember actually seeing the sword, perhaps it was still the size of a pin, as your pretty sure the bag of glamour would be. Morgana hadn't pointed them out either, so perhaps you were lucky and they will still be in the room. You only hope that they go unnoticed, though something tells you that anything magical would have been immediatly picked out by Morganna. You doubt you can go back and check. For now it seems, your on your own.

A clang of a gong gets your attention as a squat goblin enters the room, pounding the small sheet of metal as he yells, "Break over, breaks over! Ger back to work! Hey, don't make me sic the masters on you. You too you oversized featherdusters!" He yells up into the rafters at the harpies. The court begins moving with the sluggishness that all people take when the party is over too soon. The small goblin seems to be taking note of everyone, as Harpies swoop out the windows into the night, and Trolls and Ogres stomp out into the hallways. The nixies vanish into the water and the imps hightail it out. Soon, the only one left is you and the Goblin. "Hmmm, new guy huh?" says the goblin as he sizes you up. He sort of reminds you of a jack russell terrier, small, but very much an anklebiter. "What the heck you supposed to be?" You let out a slight growl indicated your vocal capabilities. "Whatever, anyway, yea look like the physical type, so your in with the training ring until I sort you out, an don't you even think about causing no trouble or theirs an iron cell with you name on it, kapish?" You look at him blankly, "I said get going!" he yells, giving you a prode with the gong stick. You lift yourself to your feet and begin walking. You figure you'd be going in the same direction as the trolls and Ogres. You wonder what awaits you as you pass into a new hallway that slants downward...

Written by Dream Weaver

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