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Jet lag = no food. For a LONG while.

"Well, Ms. Genie," you start, "I'd like some food. I just flew in from across the world, and I haven't had much to eat in the last day or so."

"You've gotta wish for it." The genie has a bit of an attitude.

"Before I do, can I just ask why you're so moody?"

She slaps you again, and another wish appears on her hand meter. "Damn it. OK, well, it's my time of the millennium, OK? I've been cooped up in there for a hell of a long time, I'm on my Geriod (a Genie Period) and the only channels I got were the ones from Arizona State University. So many bros..." She shudders for effect.

"Alright, then, thanks for clearing that up. I wish I had a ton of food."

The genie makes a slapping motion with her hand, and in front of you a huge pile of food appears. Did I say huge? I meant it was taller than you and wider as well. Literally every type of food you enjoy is there, from steak to cake, and a heaping helping of every trademarked snack food nameable.

Very hungry, you dig into the pile, but only 15 minutes later you barely manage to finish the first steak you started. "Oh... wow, there's so much food..."

The genie, bored, suddenly stands up and walks over to you. "Hey, sorry to be random, but are you willing to take a bet? We can wager a few of your wishes on it."

Still suffering from a tight stomach from your steak, you groan out "Sure, why not. Whatever it is, I'll put 25 wishes on the line."

"Hehe, all right. I bet you..."

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