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How Do you Get a Fat Kitsune Unstuck?

About an hour passes before anyone says anything. Jessie breaks the silence.

"Is someone gonna get me outta here or what?!" she shouts.

"Patience, sweetie... We're still thinking..." the dragon replies. "Unless... Do you have any ideas?"

You're not sure who the dragon was speaking to. You don't say anything, and neither does Jessie.

"Well, kitsune? Do you?" the dragon asks. "Oh, wait... I never did learn your name... What is it?"

"Jessie," the fat kitsune replies.

"Oh! Such a lovely name! Now I know what to put on your tag."

It seems that the dragon is getting you both collars. Goody.

"What's your name?" Jessie asks.

"It's Kana, sweetie," the dragon replies. "So, anybody have any ideas yet?"

Written by the Greater of Two Evils

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