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A Tape Measure

The dragon returns with a tape measure in her hand.

"I need to see how big you two are," she said. "But first, I have to take you outside. There's no room in here to do anything!"

The dragon picks Jessie up with surprising ease and attempts to exit through the cave's mouth. However, with Jessie's new-found girth, the kitsune becomes stuck.

"I'm stuck!" Jessie exclaims, her fat legs flailing wildly as her three tails swish furiously.

"I know, sweetie, I know..." the dragon says patiently. "Stop flailing, girl. You'll just tire yourself out."

To your surprise, Jessie obeys. Or, perhaps, she already tired herself out. It now looks almost like she's bending over.

The dragon attempts to push her out, placing a claw on each of Jessie's buttocks and shoving. However, it would not be so easy. Despite all of the dragon's efforts, Jessie remains trapped.

The dragon gives the kitsune a gentle pat on her rump. "Don't worry, sweetie, I'll think of something."

You find the entire situation hilarious.

Written by the Greater of Two Evils

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