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You soon find that you're losing your footing; you're about to fall off of Jessie's bosom.

"Are you alright?!" Jessie exclaims.

Before you can answer, you tumble backwards. Jessie desperately tries to catch you, but you continue to fall. You're not particularly worried; you're pretty sure that Jessie's fat will catch you. You close your eyes, and let yourself fall.

About a minute later, you open your eyes.

However, it's dark, as if you hadn't opened your eyes at all. There's also a peculiar smell. You try to move around a bit, but you can't. Where are you?

"Oh, my! Are you alright?" Jessie asks.

"I'm fine," you reply. "Any idea where I am?"

"Well..." she begins. She seems somewhat embarrassed about what she's about to say.

Written by Omnimancer

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