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Getting Closer to Jessie

You pull yourself up the mountain of kitsune that is Jessie, trying to get closer to her face. In doing so, you jostle her belly a bit, and it bounces a bit. Jessie's turbulent tum doesn't hinder your progress up her. Soon, you find yourself on top of Jessie's ample bosom, right in Jessie's face; not in a confrontational sort of way, though, but in an intimate way.

You both smile at each other. But, what do you do now with this new level of intimacy? Before either of you could even think, you find your lips on hers. Neither of you are resisting it; after all, it is what you both wanted, right? It is. After about a minute into this passionate kiss, you both pull away, gasping for air. Jessie's chest is heaving, and with you on it, you find yourself rabidly bobbing up and down.

Written by Omnimancer

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