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My hiding Place part 1

The faint, dim sun shun on the horizon over the city of Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany that winter day. It was a cold winter day on March 1, 1930 and life went on as usual for the citizens of the city. In that city lived a family on Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 25 not far from the train station. It was the home of Joe Gobin and his family who had been living there for the past 11 years. Joe had a somewhat successful job working with his dad in the Frank Family Bank run by Otto Frank. With Joe lived his young wife Marta Gobin who was pregnant with a son at the time but just as strong. Though they were Jews and not liked by many they still had a peaceful life with many friends. Today was Joe Gobin’s 20th birthday and by the afternoon they were having Joe’s birthday party. “Happy birthday Joe, I got you a book, your favorite story,” Jason said as he gave him the gift. “Thanks Jason, You always seem to get me exactly what I want,” Joe replied opening his new book. “Too bad Joseph and his wife Martha couldn’t make it.” Judah said. “Well Martha did just have his first baby boy this morning,” Ruth mentioned. “Like every other young couple in the entire Gobin family,” Marta said sarcastically as they all laughed. So how is your wife doing, it’s been nine months now, how is the child,” Samantha asked? “Don’t worry, Marta is fine, we are expecting the baby any day… Are you ok dear, Joe said worried. At that moment Marta dropped her tea and suddenly collapsed onto the ground. Joe knew at that moment that it was time for her to have the baby; he would have to act fast. “Jason, call Eva Brown at Nursing School Hospital quickly,” Joe ordered Jason! “Yes Joe.” Jason replied. “Dad get the car, mom get some blankets,” Joe ordered his parents! “I’ll call Mr. Frank and tell him we can’t come to work for a while,” Joe said. For the next five minutes they all rushed about until everything was ready. Once everything was ready Joe, his parents, and Marta quickly got into the car. Joe sat in the back of the car with Marta bundled up while Judah was in the front with Ruth. They quickly drove off towards the hospital, all hearts leapt with worry for the next four minutes. Once at the hospital they quickly got Marta to Eva who would take care of her in her time of pain. Eva was Marta’s best friend and a top student at Nursing School Hospital and knew what to do. As Marta went through the procedure Joe and his parents waited outside the room in agony. As the hours went by Joe got more and more worried about how both Marta and his first child was. By nighttime they got so tired waiting that they fell asleep. At 7:00am the next day Joe woke up to the sound of a baby crying from inside the nursery room. Joe quickly woke up his parents and told them, “You hear that, the baby has arrived, I’m a father”! All three of them quickly ran into the room so they could see Marta and her new child. As they came in she smiled at them and said, “Joe, come here and say hello to your new baby boy”. Joe walked up slowly toward Marta with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. As he held the baby in his arms he whispered to him, “That’s my boy, you’re my good boy, and I love you”. Marta told him, “He was born last night, but you were all asleep to I let you rest; besides I was tired”. “Well now that you are all better dear, how about we all go home now”, Joe asked everybody. “Why not there is not much left to do, while we go, may I hold my new grandson,” Judah inquired? “Sure, by the way what have you decided to call him dear,” Joe wondered as he handed him to Judah. “How about Cody, Cody Jack Gobin,”Marta asked? “I like it, why not,” Joe replied. So they packed all their things and drove back home with Cody in the baby carriage Joe bought. As they drove home they watched as Cody laughed in his carriage while his dad made funny faces. As they arrived back home Judah said, “You guys go in, I will park the car in the garage. So the others left the car and headed towards the house while Judah drove on with a grin on his face. As they entered the noticed it was strangely dark and Joe said, “Let me just find a light switch dear”. Just before he got to do that the lights turned on and a crowd jumped up and said, “Surprise”. It was everyone from the party yesterday as well as a few others including Mr. Frank and his family. They all had gifts too for Cody from a few toys to some new baby clothes. Apparently they had all come over to welcome the newest member to the Gobin family. “Ok who told all these people we would be coming back this morning,” Joe asked his family. “That would be me, I thought it would be nice for them to see Cody,”Judah replied entering the door. “Even our bosses the Frank family, not that I’m complaining,” Joe said. “Well you came to our place when my kids were born, it’s our pleasure to repay you,” Otto replied. “Thank you sir, very much,” Joe said. “Well if you two are done talking lets get started,” Marta said. “I agree, come on lets get this started,” Ruth said. So they began to talk, eat, and open the gifts for young Cody and boy was Joe surprised at what he got. Cody got a pacifier, a pair of bootees, a bib, a cap, a sweater, some baby food, and a blanket. Finally he got was a small toy dog from Jason; it was a dalmation with black ears, black tipped tail and black spots all over. “Like I said before, you sure know how to pick out the best gift,” Joe told Jason. “Well as you know I have my own son, he just turned 4 two months ago,” Jason replied. “Isn’t this great dearest” Marta said smiling at Joe. “Yes darling, it’s the start of a new generation” Joe replied. But for them the good times were about to come to an end. For the next three and a half years things would go from bad to worse. Soon their own friends would turn against them and they would be forced to take action. And the man who would be responsible for all of this was Adolf Hitler.

Written by Cody Jaigobin

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