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A monstrous mix

The vampiress takes a bottle of creamy liquid from the shelf. She places it on a table against the wall. "This is a blank transformative potion," she explains. "I just have to add the ingredients and cast the correct spell to determine the transformation." She returns to the shelves, and rummages around before taking down several bottles containing various bits of fur and pieces of skin and scales. She empties these things into the bottle containing what she referred to as the blank potion, then begins waving her hands over it, chanting in some foreign language. The potion begins to bubble, turning an odd purplish-brown.

Smirking, the vampiress takes the bottle and carries it over to you, still chanting while waving her free hand over the top. When she reaches you, she stops waving her hand but does not stop chanting. Again she grasps your throat and pours the contents of the bottle into your mouth, making sure you swallow it all. She steps back, placing the bottle back on the table, then steps forward again, chanting and waving her hands in your direction.

This transformation is again painless, but this time it is still uncomfortable. You stagger as your legs twist and reform, taking on a shape resembling a big cat's. Your feet reshape into paws, and golden-brown fur sprouts on your lower body, starting with your new paws and spreading up. It stops on your lower back, leaving your back bare, but on your front it continues to spread upwards, until it finally stops after just covering your breasts, leaving your arms and upper body completely bare. Your spine snaps and twists, forcing you onto all fours, though your arms and hands remain completely unchanged. Your neck also reshapes, allowing you to look ahead despite being forced onto your hands and feet. You feel a wrenching sensation and look back (seems your neck has also become more versatile) to see a long, scaly lizard's tail sprout just above your butt. You feel your teeth sharpen, becoming reminiscent of a dog or cat's. Finally, your long black hair thickens and becomes dark brown and somewhat shaggy, in a single long shaggy lock that hangs down your back.

You find yourself able to move again, and stumble, disoriented from the two successive transformations, your clothes lying in shreds on the floor. You try to walk forward, finding moving on all fours difficult, even with your new shape. You look up at the vampiress, who is looking extremely pleased with herself. "Wha-what did you do to me?" you cry.

The vampiress bares her fangs in an evil smile. "I mixed your form with some other animals. You're a chimera, my dear. I think that should be enough punishment for tricking me like that."

Written by Kane

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