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Shouldn't have tried to trick a vampiress

The vampiress sneers at you. "You think you can try to trick me like that and get away with it?" she hisses.

You step backwards nervously, the silver coin slipping from your hand and falling to the ground. You gulp. "P-please don't kill me," you stammer.

"Kill you?" the vampiress sneers. "I'm not going to kill you. I have something much better in mind for you." She chuckles slightly. "I'm a vampiress and not a witch, true, but I still know quite a bit of magic." She waves her hand and you are again stuck in place. She smiles and turns to take a small bottle from one of the shelves in the room. "This should make you much more suitable," she says quietly, more to herself than to you. She darts forward and grabs you by the neck, then empties the entire bottle down your throat as you gasp. She keeps hold to force you to swallow it all, and then releases you. You sputter and choke - the stuff tasted horrible and left a bad sensation in your mouth.

Aside from a slight headache and some dizziness, you feel no pain from the transformation that ensues, but that doesn't make it any better. Your body seems to soften and lose mass. Your hair turns pitch-black and grows to the middle of your back. You feel strange and grasp your face in your hands, feeling it reshape, becoming softer, less defined, more...feminine? You pull your hands down and look at your reforming body indeed taking on a more feminine shape. Your waist clinches, your hips widen, your arms and legs slim down... Your chest starts to feel 'puffy', and you tightly cover your arms over your chest in a desperate attempt to stop it, but to no avail - they grow there anyway, fortunately only reaching an average size. Finally, you feel a tight sensation in your crotch, but it is over in an instant. You nervously reach down and find nothing there. The transformation is complete - you are now a 22-year-old girl wearing a slightly oversized female version of your reporter clothes.

The vampiress grins, showing her fangs. She circles you slowly, as though examining your new form. "Yes, that's much better," she says, sounding quite pleased with herself. "But still...it could be even better, and you're still human..." She looks you straight in the eye with a hard glare, and you tremble a bit, rooted in place by both fear and the vampiress' spell. She grins widely again, her fangs glistening. "Oh, no, I'm not done with you yet. I still have a bit more in mind for you as punishment for tricking me." Her expression turns contemplative. "The only problem is what to do." She pauses a minute, seemingly deep in thought, then suddenly brightens.

Written by Kane

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