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Have elephant, will travel

The room suddenly disappeared. Or rather, you and Jessie disappeared from it. You were greeted by a vast expanse of nothing-ness.

"Where are we?", you ask.

"A gap between dimensions" replied Jessie, "now pipe down, I need to concentrate".

You look around, though there is nothing to see. "What an odd day this has been", you think. Suddenly, you were falling. Quickly.

"What's happening?", you yell at Jessie. She doesn't respond. You keep falling faster and faster into the blackness.




...lo? Hello? Anyone at home"?

You open your eyes and see Jessie floating in front of you.

"Ah, you're awake at last. We've arrived."

"Arrived? Where?" You wince as the sun shines in your eyes. All around you is grassy plains and trees, except for a small lake just ahead of you.

"We aren't in Africa, are we?" you ask.

"Bingo" she replies. "Do you not think it's appropriate?"

"Appropriate? How?"

With all the commotion of that dimension stuff, you had nearly forgotten about the bizarre transformation you had undergone. It certainly explained why you were so tall all of a sudden.

"So... I'm a proper elephant now?"

"Yup!" smiled Jessie, "check it out!"

You stretch back your trunk and feel your new, huge body. You flap your enormous ears. You twitch your tail. You stomp your feet. You really are an African Elephant.

"Awesome!" You raise your head, lift up your trunk and let out a loud trumpet.

Jessie hops up onto your back. "Yes, yes, not too bad if I do say so myself. I think you owe me a ride. Giddeup, Dumbo!"

"Who you calling Dumbo?" You reach back to grab her with your trunk but she hops off quickly.

"Not letting you do that again. You don't know your own strength!"

"Hmph", you snort. "Anyway, this transforming stuff is thirsty work. Let's go to that water-hole."

"Just a sec" Jessie replies. "I don't feel right wandering the plains of Africa as a kitsune. I won't fit in."

"So, you're going to change too?"

"It won't take too long. Performing transformation magic on oneself is much simpler."

Jessie was surrounded by a golden light. The magic had begun..., but what would she turn into?

Written by Bobert

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