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The Elephant... Man?

"What do I do now?" You calm yourself down and think about your situation. After a few minutes of twirling your trunk about the room, you cringe at a sudden pain in your mouth. Tooth-ache?

Tusk-ache, to be precise. You look in the mirror to see two sharp tusks growing from your mouth.

"Oh my, you should probably see a dentist about that".

It was Jessie, hovering in front of you. In an instant, you flung your trunk towards her and wrapped it tightly around her waist. So much for her being a ghost.

"Yow! Lemme go, tubby!" She slashes at your trunk with her claws but you aren't too worried about that right now. You pull her towards your face.

"I'll let you go after you answer a few questions. If you don't want to, I can always make you into a kitsune-kebab." You point her face straight at your right tusk. "Understand?"

"OK, OK, I get it! Just don't hold me so tight, I can hardly breath!"

You ignore her. "Question 1: Am I going to become completely Elephant anytime soon or am I stuck as some freak?"

"I've never tried an elephant before" she replies, "I normally do smaller animals like tigers, but you should be completely animal in a few minutes."

You breathe a small sigh of relief. You loosen your grip on Jessie a little too.

"Good. Question 2 is a matter of location. I doubt this room can hold several tons of pachyderm so you're gonna have to transport me somewhere more stable. And fast. "

"It's too dangerous for that. Transportation magic is difficult enough on its own but to transport something so big-"

You pull her right against your messed-up face. "Listen. You can either take me somewhere else or I can take an express trip to the basement. And you'll be coming along for the ride." You can barely finish speaking before you fall on your hands and knees.

"Looks like it's nearly done" says Jessie. "...Very well, it seems I have no choice but to try it. Don't blame me if we don't make it."

She clicked her fingers...

Written by Bobert

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