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More than meets the eye.

You groan loudly and open your eyes once more. This is the life, you think, scratching your supersized stomach. You may be a blimp, but you're a happy blimp. You can't remember having a vacation like this in all your career. Your bulk now completely fills the throne. Every night since you arrived, they've been throwing feasts, and you've been fattened up immensely. You follow your daily routine. Your servants help you into the pool of water, (though now you take up more space then the water). You have a 16-course breakfast, then return to the town square to look godly and accept tributes of food. Only today, things seem a little different.

As you are carried into the square, you see the chief elder adressing the tribe as you are lowered into your snug throne.

"Hear me, my brothers! The time has finally come, when the time of plenty will come! Look! He comes as we speak!" You try to look godly, but then notice that they are not looking at you. Twisting your head, you suddenly understand what the chief means.

A large dragon is heading your way, and fast. You look around for help, but everyone is running off into their houses. You start screaming for help, but no one comes. It sems they were fattening you up for a reason. As the dragon approaches, you see deer and other such cattle running through. It sems that the dragon is herding them. So this is it... he provides the cattle, while they provide him a sacrifice. You desperately try to run, but you've become too heavy to stand without assistance. Finally, the dragon lands and picks you up, walking off and away into the forest...

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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