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Maybe you shouldn't have done that!

You go over and pick up the box. You try to get the lid open, but for some reason it won't come off. Finally, you put the box between your feet and clasp the lid with both hands. With one last pull, the lid gives way.

In that instant, lightning crashes overhead! A dark smoke comes from the box, growing in size until it takes the form of a pale-faced man in black armor. "I am Vakoligan", the man booms, "master of the ancient art of shapeshifting. Three thousand years ago, the mages of the land tricked me into that unearthly tomb. But now I have returned to exact vengeance upon those who would defy me." Vakoligan turns into smoke again. The smoke grows larger, and larger still; wings, four legs and a head form from the drifting cloud, until Vakoligan reforms ... as a forty foot long dragon!

Written by Carl Robert (edited by wanderer)

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