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No Touchy!

Shining in the center of the dragon's breast is a shining stone. Now that you recall, Vakoligan had the same stone in the center of his armor! You are only a few feet away, able to grasp the stone if you reach out your hand ... and so, just as the dragon is about to take off, you quickly grab it, wrenching it from its resting place between the beast's scales!

The dragon bellows in pain as a blinding light radiates from the stone. After a moment, you realize you are screaming as well! You can feel unbearable heat running through your arms and through your body. You cannot see, the stone's white light is like staring into the sun, but you keep your hold. Suddenly, you are thrown back, slamming into the wall.

As your eyes come back into focus, you look in your hand, and find some sort of amulet, with a silver chain attached. What is this?, you wonder. You stand up, still a bit dazed, and look around. The dragon is gone. Just as you begin to wonder about that, you feel a tug at your leg.

"Give it back!", a small voice yells. You look down to see a small gnome, dressed in black armor. He jumps, clawing at the amulet in your hand, but you hold it above your head, out of his reach. "Give it back," he yells, "you can't begin to comprehend its powers!"

Powers, huh?, you think. I wonder if I could work this thing? Thinking of the way Vakoligan changed himself into a dragon, after careful consideration you ...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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