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"stink room"

3 hours later.

THe sea beast has stuffed us in a cage made by bones.ewww. ya.THe dragon has had some stomach problems lately,(we can tell) because he swims into another part of the under water cave(that has air pockets so we can breath)and minutes later there is a foul smell its either vomit or......something else.But he's belched alot and he did it right in our faces an hour ago our clothes stink.Oh,ya he also vomited on us and passed some occasonal gas(P.U.) in the cave...... man it stinks still. I hope he will just eat us and digest us quickly and we might live who knows but there is the ewwwwwwwwwwww factor and the stench might just make us faint.Well here comes the 'ol see beast now coming out of the "stink room" as we call it.15 till dinner time he reminds us them the feast ing will begin! He smiles than clutches his stomach again,but this time he didnt make it to his "stink room" and he wen't right there on the floor.(it was not something i would want to see EVER again)

Written by dorinda

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