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AHHHHHHHH.......Everything is swirling and stinks and we are clinging onto something too avoid falling in to the juices(we think its a bone we are clinging to)Then we sliped!We beg the sea dragon to vomit us up."To late" he answers.Soon you will be nothing to me but waste and you will be forgotten.Please?Trogie asked.The dragon just laughed but was enterupted by his stomach growling in pain.A minute later he thumps his hand on his chest and burps a slimy smelly long stinky burp.The friends hold there breath to avoid passing out from the stench.Bones and the two friends come flying out of the pit of his lower stomach.Ah,thats much better,wispers the dragon gasping.He catches the two friends in mid-air and clutches them in his hands.My stomach is upset oveuslly from that fish at the moment,no matter i will save you for dinner instead,laughs the sea beast!........

Written by aqua

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