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What big everything you have

A bright purple spark jumps from the wand to Jennifer. A cieling to floor mirror appears. "so you can see what is going on deary." Jennifer moves and speaks. "you stupid old witch all you did was release me from that obedience spell..." Elisabeth smiles. "no deary I just wanted to give you some false hope." Jennifer expressions changes to one of surprise as she looks in the mirror. Her eyes seem to be bulging and then her body starts to grow while he legs become shorter and very thick. Her torso lenghtens as her hips, waist, chest, shoulders, neck and head widen. Her clothes split and drop to the ground as shredds. her arms become long with huge clawed hands. Her shoes also burst open as her now huge clawed feet out grow the shoes. Her face takes on the appearance of a halloween mask version of Jennifer with a huge nose. Then her brow becomes a bony ridge above her eyes. Her ears become long and point up above the top her head. Her forehead becomes sloped. She suddenly puts a huge grin on her face. "hey this feels real goodddd...." As she speak her saprono voice changes to a deep base. Her lips have become thick and blood red. Her teeth are nice and straight including the 2 huge tusk like teeth coming up from her protruding jaw. The color of the teeth however becomes and brownish yellow. AS if all this is not enough She suddenly develops rock hard muscle tone from the neck down, which seems pull her hug breasts up. Hers abs are not a six pack but a 12 pack. Then the last change begins as her hair turns black and wirey. Then the now narled hair speads down her forehead and merge with her bushy eye brows. the fur spreads in patches over her body covering a large part of back and buttocks. A large patch of hair appears on the front of her thighs. Then a large patch appears on the back of her calvesgrows down to the ankles and the top of her huge clawed feet. The hair covers her arms then down to top of her hands. The hair leaves the abdomin, breats and front of her shoulders bare. The bare skin takes on the appearance of leather and assumes a mottled greenish brown color. "this feels good! she says in an even deeper base voice. "Jennifer likes being Troll." Her expressions changed as if she was prondering something. "no not Jennifer. Jennifer waek and small. Now Troll, not Jennifer, so troll is Gok. Call troll Gok. You look at the troll as she turns to look at a stubby tail that had appeared during the transformation. You are shocked at are uncertain if Jennifer deserved this or whether it is really revenge if Gok is a happy smelly troll. She seems happier as Gok than you had ever seen Jennifer. Elisabeth Laughs. "what's a matter, Man! You thought you were going to make Jennifer unhappy as a Troll. I saw right through your little trick."

Written by Wizard of Change

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