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Genie Witch Jennifer

You are stumped. You have only 3 wishes and you don't want to be frivoulous with them. Nor do you want to mess up create a permant problem for yourself. Just then along comes Jennifer and Elisabeth Bathory. Jennifer looks frightened and is walking in front of Bathory. Bathory is a beautiful red head wearing a dress that shows off her curves and cleavage. She carries a silver wand in her right hand. "ahHa, the other tresspasser! now I will make a matched set out of you..." she stops her monolauge and looks at the genie. The genie shrugs. "new master, I don't have to obey you anymore. So there!" The genie sticks out her tongue at Elisabeth. Elisabeth "release my genie to me and I will free your woman to you" You turn to the genie "can I trust her?" The genie shrugs "yes and no. If you anger her she will not hesitiate to turn your woman into anything that she feels like." That was the answer you wanted now it is payback time. "Ok, do your worst, I will just have my genie undo it when you have finished." Jennifer gives you a look of anger but says nothing. She seems to be unable to speak. Elisabeth smiles and waves her wand in a circle and points at Jennifer.

Written by Wizard of Change

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