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There is a problem with this revenge thing

Six months have gone by Jennifer is now a Beautiful Blond Bimbo, but desire for revenge has changed. First as Elisabeth Bathory promise of desire had proven true you fall madly in love with Jennifer. Then as she slow changed becoming more beautiful but less intelligent you start to be filled with regret and sorrow at the lose of her intellect. You return to the castle with Jennifer looking for Elisabeth Bathory. You walk about the castle looking for Elisabeth. "Are we going to buy the castle and live here?" asks Jennifer. You are about to answer Jennifer when there is a bamf, a puff of smoke, and Elisabeth Bathory stands before the two of you. "Oh,is she the realtor?" asks Jennifer. You feel the burning sensation starting in your feet and working it's way up your body changing you back into the man you were before. The you feel your breasts receed and a pushing out sensation in the groin. Just as suddenly the burning stops and your are male. "Who are you?" shouts Jennifer, "What have you done with my true love?" You turn to Elisabeth, " I love her, I don't want her to be dumb. This revenge is too much. Return her intellect and have her still love me, please!"

Written by Wizard of Change

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