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How will this help you get revenge?!

...Or someperson. The burning sensation starts with your feet, slowly creeping up your legs. As you pretend to pay attention to Jennifer, the burning sensation reaches your crotch and you start to feel mighty uncomfortable.

"You dirty little bitch! Why don't you stop trying to take my stories and go fuck a guy back at town! After all, a slut like you..." Jennifer is screaming insults at you as your mind comprehends what she said.

Bitch? Slut? Fuck a guy? She's talking as if you're a woman, and you are very sure you aren't gay, or a drag queen at the very least. The burning sensations reach your neck at this point, and you whole body becomes numb. You slowly look down as Jennifer finally realizes you weren't going to listen to her anytime soon and storms away.

You can't see below your chest as two round globes framed your chest. You reach out with a hand to touch it, and pull it back as you realized it was real, and marvel how delicate your skin is. You reach down there, and realize it was futile as you were completely a girl by all means. You push some hair back as you admire it's silk-like quality. Your clothes has changed with the transformation, and a blouse and jeans replaced your shirt and pants. After a few cautious steps, you realized you're in high heels.

Suddenly, a cold wind blew in the castle and you shiver as you realize that you aren't wearing a bra and panties! Your nipples stick out even more as you try to cross your arms across your chest, pushing them out.

Silently you scream in your head, "HOW WILL THIS HELP ME GET REVENGE!?!?!"

Shirley suddenly appears and laughs at you. "You are getting revenge, just that it will include you! I turned you both into lesbians, which Jennifer hates the most! I made it so that she's secretly attracted to you and you are too! The perfect couple, and every time you and her fuck, she'll lose her intelligence and get more beautiful until she's a blonde bimbo! Oh, and after she's a bimbo enough, you'll turn back." Shirley laughs at your predicament and disappears.

"Tata! Have fun!" Her voice echos as you suddenly lust for Jennifer. You start to run after her, ready to fuck for the first time...

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