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Another trip to dragon anatomy

You started to swim with Troggie on your back and you weren't able to swim fast because he was too heavy. ''Hey wait you little morsel, i'm still hungry, i puked the disgusting fish and now i can eat you.'' ''Nooo! Please don't eat us, you say, we can gather you more fish if you don't eat us.'' ''Bah, you will be much more filling that some fish.'' Before you could reply, he open his mouth and start to drink water and you and Troggie begin to get sucked with the water. You can't resist and are quickly swallowed and you slide down the dragon's throat. You land in the dark stomach and start already to be digested by stomach juices. ''Aaah! Spit us please we don't want to die we will do anything, we can't die!'' ''Why not? say the dragon'' You answer the dragon:...

Written by Davmil3111

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