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Down The Hatch...And Back Up Again

You and Troggie are still falling down that dragon's slimy gullet. You want to scream but are afraid of getting the saliva in your mouth. You close your eyes, and soon enough, you land on the squishy floor of the dragon's stomach. You open your eyes to see nothing but darkness. There is a very foul stench in here that causes you to gag. Just then, a strange grunt sounds next to you. Troggie is awake, finally.

"*Cough**Cough* Ugh, what happened? Why is it so dark?" He says with complete confusion.

"We-we were swallowed whole by a sea dragon!" you say still in terror.

"What?!" Troggie yells. "You don't mean the mistress's pet?" "I suppose so," you say. "The thing that confuses me is how a SEA dragon is living in a lake..."

"Never mind that! We need to find a way out of here." Troggie tells you.

"I'd love to get out as much as you, Troggie. But if I know my anatomy, the only way out is not a pretty one."

"Oh, yes. Well then what are we going to do?" Before you can answer, you fell the ground shaking. At that precise moment, you and Troggie are sent flying back up the monster's throat along with stomach fluids and out of its mouth into the water. You look up to see the dragon closing its mouth.

"Oh, I shouldn't have eaten that fish earlier..." says the dragon.

Written by an anonymous author

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