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Again? But I thought I dodged this kind of story!

You get up from your seat and suddenly feel tired. You see a pile of , well, an amazing amount of plates stacked in front of you. It stretches up almost 4 feet... and there's another next to it.

Only then do you realize what this means to your body. "Ah jeez." A quick look down reveals a shirt stretched far farther than it was when you entered. It appears you've extended your stomach about 2 feet in front of you. A quick peek in a mirror reveals similar results- your legs are far past thunder-thighs. "More like tire-thighs", you think, "18-wheeler ones." This makes you laugh, which sends ripples up and down your four chins. It appears that you're maybe 600 pounds. It looks like Shirley could see this coming, as your pants have stretched just enough to accomodate your girth.

The scariest thing is, by the time you wobble out of the door, you're starving again. You snag an SUV out of the next parking lot and drive over to the convienience store.

Written by an anonymous author

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