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Good eats.

You're EFFING HUNGRY. You go into the convienience store and look around- there's no clerk and it appears the camera's off. You then go to the buffet.

There appears to be one guy working- a stoner in his 20s, wearing a goatee and some raggy clothes. "Woah, man, you're a cat."

"Yeah, I know." "That's pretty sweet. You know, I'm gonna get out of here, but I trust you, man. It's 9 bucks for all-you-can-eat, so pay up and I'll leave you be."

After shelling out the money (you toss in 50 bucks for a tip), he leaves and you walk over to the buffet. You're literally starving, so you grab a big plate and dig in. For the hell of it, you grab a few more- it looks like you're alone for the night.

You dig in to your first plate- pizza, chicken, steak, and ice cream, among other things.

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