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You turn your head to the leprecaun and breathe soflty, "I never knew power was this great. I am the more free than anyone in the world. I can't believe this." You curl into a ball. You become small. You turn red. You become evil. After these you change back into your normal self again. There were no rules, no laws, nothing to hold you back. You hear anything with selective hearing. You listen to cockroaches talking about their last larvae. You pick up a tree and snap it, then force it to mend itself instantly. Then you look down at the leprecaun stuck in a well, unable to move his feet. You force him out of the well and set him on the treetop. He keeps trying to run away, but it is impossible for him. You nuzzel your head against him and purr, "Thank you!" He turns his head away and said, "May I have a wish, sir?" You relpy softly, "You may." "I wish I was able to move away again, and always be happy whenever I come near you, and be a small fruit dragon." "I hold your wish fullfilled." The leprecaun, winces with happiness, a tear falls from his left eye, and he changes into a small green fruit dragon. In dragon language the leprecaun... erm fruit dragon... says, "And thank you!" You see the fruit dragon flutter his wings, then fly away in search of fruit.

Written by El tigre

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