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The List of Wishes

"How about this leprecaun... I wish: to be fast, not so fat, not potbellied, more muscled, sharper teeth and claws, having stronger wings, able to grant wishes, able to live thorugh everything but a cataclysm, can do anything I want, when I want, wherever I want, and you just stand there for eternity always watching, the king of England becomes a newt, the queen becomes a cat, I can become anything at will, change colors at will, and... never die unless someone lies at my feet crying and asking for me to be with them." You say almost out of breath. The leprecaun snaps his fingers and says "Wish granted!" A mist swirls around you. You close your eyes feeling power run through your veins. your blood pumps faster filling with the power that you wished for, when everything stops. YOu slowly open your eyes not much has changed except for being more muscled and sharper teeth and claws. You look at your scales and see colors swirling all over them. You think blue and the scales are blue. "This is sweet!" you roar out. "Well i'll be darned, how'd ya know that you could make a wish like that?"

Written by El tigre

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