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Fairy dust with a kick.

Watching the two creatures, you notice that they occasionally grunt angrily at each other; they seem even less thrilled to be here than you do. With that in mind, you pull out the jar of powder from your bag. You think about glamour, and the implications of it. Fairy glamour... that was illusion so real, it could be felt, if you recall rightly. Though they didn't really do any damage, they could still be useful.

You uncork the bottle and take out a pinch of the powder. You then come to a sudden realization; how do you use this? The dragon gave it to you, but he forgot to mention the instructions. What you want is an invisible fist to punch one of the guards...

No sooner have you thought that, than you feel a sudden force, and the powder evaporates. Looking around the corner, you see some sort of slight distortion in the air, heading toward the guards. You lose sight of it in the darkness, but you can imagine what will happen next...

Suddenly, the smaller one lurches forward a bit, as if someone had slapped him on the back of the head. He looks angrily at the taller one, who takes no notice. Starting to catch the drift of how the powder works, you take a little more, and imagine the same hand slapping the taller one, once the smaller guard returns to watching the hall. A few moments later, the large, ogre-like thing gets the same treatment, but to your surprise reacts totally different. The creature roars loudly, startling the other, who just as quickly draws a sword. The creature raises his club, and attempts to swat the other guard, who blocks with his sword. As the club meets the sword, there is a loud thunk, as the sword buries itslf in the wood. The larger creature pulls back on the club, yanking the sword from the smaller one's hand. The smaller one backs off, and instead draws two daggers from his belt while backing away from the creature, who immediately follows. As the two draw away from the stairs, you dart forward, taking a pinch of powder and imagining a ladder. One appears, and you attempt to climb it... but literally fall through. Glamour: Illusion, not reality, you think.

Looking about, you see a chink in the stone stairs, and use it to climb up the first step. You then find the banister creates an incline at the bottom where the pillar-like supports meet the stairs. You quickly make use of this and run up the stairs as the sounds of battle continue. As you reach the top, you hear a sickening crunch, and look back to see the larger of the guards dragging a green corpse (which looks badly crushed) behind it. From the conversation you heard earlier, the larger plans to dine on its companion. You quickly run to the left, trying to ignore the crunching sound of bones that echoes through the hallways.

At the end of the hallway, you see Artie, perched on a grim-looking statue. He flutters down. "Good to see you alive", he says. "What were those things?", you ask, out of breath. "Morgana's victims, now a troll and ogre. You'll see more of them tonight, and a few more varieties." You look at the door ahead of you. Sure enough, the thing looks impenetrable, except for the unusually large keyhole. Ornate designs run the length of it. "So, this is it?", you ask. You pull out your camera and take a few pictures. Artie lifts you onto his back and flies to the keyhole. "From this moment, you're on your own. Get the spark and get out. If you can't get out with it, extinguish it." You nod, your heart beating like a motor. You climb into the keyhole, only guessing what could be on the other side...

Written by Dream Weaver (edited by wanderer)

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