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Cue the Mission Impossible theme.

As Artie swoops and dives through the trees and branches of the forest, you find yourself hanging on for dear life. "Any reason you're taking the scenic route!?", you yell, barely avoiding being knocked off the raven's back by a branch. "Can't let Morgana see us approach", he squawks. As the two of you leave the forest, the ride becomes easier. The castle looms above you, dark and ominous, like something out of a nightmare. "Or a movie," you think.

Artie swoops upward, up the wall of the castle, then suddenly veers towards the wall. An open window. The two of you pass through and find yourselves in one of the castle hallways. "Where is the chamber?", you whisper, fearful of the ominous feeling that someone is watching or listening to you. Artie answers quickly, his head swinging from side to side, looking as nervous as you feel."On the floor above. You must go up the stairs alone. There will be two guards watching for anything suspicious. Ravens are common here, but not little men. Once you get up, go down the left passageway. I'll be waiting for you there." You climb off his back and he flutters off into the darkness. You follow, but quickly lose him. You pull out your pocket recorder and start recording. "I am in the castle once more. The deep shadows of this place make it easy to see why the Dark Queen has made it her home. The air feels thick with tension and unease, as though some unseen watcher hangs invisible, watching my every move." Suddenly you hear a noise; footsteps! You quickly put away your recorder and dart to the wall. You pull yourself into the shadows, hoping that whatever is coming doesn't see you. The footsteps grow into a deafening thump as a huge, green figure passes by. Taking no notice of you, it continues on. You quickly follow behind, careful to stay near the walls to avoid detection. From behind, the creature looks like a lumbering giant, but only because of your current size. You would say it was 8 to 10 feet tall. Muscles rope its arms, and a mane of blue-green hair tumbles from its head. It suddenly rounds a corner, so you edge up to it and peek around.

You see a flight of stairs that ascend into darkness. Two more figures stand at the base, while the one you followed approaches them. One of the figures at the stairs is like the one you followed, green and tall, though its hair is as white as bleached bones. From the front, you can see two tusks protrude from its mouth, and between them is a long and pointed nose. Pointed ears stand alert on either side of the thing's head. The other is even taller than the green fellows, but is more of a brownish-pink in skin tone. While his partner is roped in muscle, this creature is more on the chubby side, though its thick arms look like they'd be more than enough to tear a man in two. It is completely bald, and you can see sharp canines just protruding from the edges of its mouth. The approaching creature starts to speak, its voice low and deep, rough and hard, a sort of grunting. "You hear anything?", it asks. The second green thing shakes its head, and the large creature grunts, sounding like some sort of wild boar. "No see stranger for two weeks. Me want meat!" The large creature looks as if he's ready to smash something. It is then you notice the large club in its hand, which could be used for precisely that. "Keep an ear out", the first one says, "I know I heard someone." The creature starts to walk back toward you. You quickly hide behind a suit of armor until he passes. After he is gone, you tiptoe back to the corner and look at the two guards. The big one looks impatient and agitated, while the other looks to be just plain bored. There must be a way to get past them without them noticing...

Written by Dream Weaver (edited by wanderer)

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