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Sticky Paws

Sitting amongst the witch's bones, you finally come to your senses and realise what you've done. "Oops..." you say with a nervious giggle "Still, she tasted as good as she looked." you add, patting your fat furry belly.

Roger has had his claws over his eyes the whole time. "Is it safe to look, Cat-man?"

"Yes." you reply "Give me a hand up, will you? I don't think we should stick around here any longer."

"You're almost as fat as I am!" laughs Roger, helping you up. "And you've got a chunk of toffie stuck to your butt!".

Glancing behind you, you do indeed find a piece of toffie furniture on your rear. Looking back at Roger, you see he himself has a section of wall stuck to his rear, just below his tail. "Well so do you!".

You both attempt to pull them off with both hands, but they're stuck fast! Then you both find you have bigger problems. "My hands are stuck too, Cat man!" cries Roger.

You try to take you hands off your butt toffie, but you find they won't move either. "Mine too! What do we do now?"

"Well at least our feet are free!" replies Roger, holding his huge foot out and wriggling his toes. "Let's just keep walking and maybe we'll find a solution."

And so, with the both of you vastly overweight and with your hands stuck to your butts with toffie, you walk away from what little remains of the witch and her house.

Written by Stucklepaw

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