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A Sticky End

Suddenly the ground starts shaking. "What is that?" cries the young witch "An earthquake?"

You rush to the window. Looking out, you see Roger staggering towards you, clutching his humongous belly. "It's just my dragon freind, Roger."

Staggering towards the house, Roger loses his centre of gravity and tumbles forward. He collides with the house, which, weakened by your and Roger's earlier binge, collapses around you!

The three of you climb out of the wreckage. "MY HOUSE!!" screams the witch, now covered in treacle and cream "MY BEAUTIFUL, SWEET HOUSE!!!!"

"Uh, sorry..." says Roger. You however aren't paying attention to the witch's rants. You just stare at her with a crazed looked in your eyes and drooling.

"W-why are you looking at me like that, kitty?" she asks scared.

You move towards her with a hungry look in your eyes, licking your lips .

"No-No..B-bad kitty...I'm not for eating...no,..NOOO!!"

Before she or Roger can do anything, you lunge at her, claws extended. Shedoesn't stand a chance and it is all over in seconds...

Written by AndrewAnorak

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