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Your Inner Self

As Vagolian morphs you, you feel the changes protruding and expanding in your body. Your muscles contract, and soon your body becomes buff, a stronger sheen than before. Next, you feel terrible pain in your bones, and a tail and wings begin to sprout from your body. Then your skin starts flaking away, revealing a dark, red-brown lizard-like scaly skin, and your hands and feet are replaced with talons. Your head elongates to a larger size, and your bones bend in many directions. Then, as if instantaniously, the pain and growing stop. You open your eyes, realizing you had closed them in fear. You see your reflection in a nearby puddle of water, in which you find yourself a dragon. You are impressed of your new prowess, and decide what you should do next. As you are mulling over your options, you remember vagolian. You turn to his being, in which appears very angered.

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