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the transformation

"ok" he replies, and hands you a bottle of green glowing liquid, "thank you again and goodbye, should you ever need me , I hear dragon language over very long distances, farewell!!!" and in the same cloud again, he is gone.

you are shaking with exitment as you unscrew the bottle and pour it down your throght at first nothing happens then your body begins to cange.....

it feels like someone hits your knees with a crowbar as your knee joints reverse direction and you feel a peculiar tingling sensasion through your body as you drop to your hands which are sprouting long claws and growing dark green scales which are spreading up your body, your three toed and taloned feet enupt from your shoes and your clothes rip, your spine stretches into a long lizardlike tail and horns burst from the back of your skull, you then see your face extend in front of your eyes into a long reptilian muzzle while several sharp fangs protrude from your upper lip, large bat like scaled wings shoot out of your shoulder blades and then sharp spikes emerge from the kinks in your spine, your eyesight sharpens you grow a long reptillian neck , your hearing becomes much clearer , and the last of the spreading green scales cover your large dragon head, finally an errie spike gows from the end of your tail and you roar loudly in your new fearsome voice.

you have become a horse sized dark green dragon!!!!

Written by mitchell"dragon"mellard

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